Posted by: sbilingual | January 28, 2010

Language Translation Means More Business

January 27, 2008

Language translation, if done accurately, can mean more business for your company. Language translation of websites, promotional material, safety manuals and other documents can lead to more business for your company and less work related accidents– as long as the translated material is accurate, grammatically correct, and culturally appropriate.

To reach out to a new customer base, it isn’t enough to simply provide automatic translation on your website. Translation needs to be done right in order to be easily comprehensible. Translated documents that contain grammar and spelling errors or that are confusing can turn consumers away rather than attracting them.

In order to produce high-quality business translations, translators must also understand the target culture and how language impacts it. Ideas that are expressed very directly in one language may be expressed more indirectly in another, for example. Thus a qualified translator needs to have not only linguistic but also cultural expertise.

At Bilingual Resources Group, Inc., a project manager ensures accuracy and client satisfaction. Our company offers translation and interpreting services to major US companies.

Bilingual Resources Group, Inc. is running a special on all of its translation services through Monday, March 8 2010. We are offering a 20% discount to new clients. Any language (we translate into over 90 languages) and any industry. Bilingual Resources Group, Inc. has a network of professional translators with expretise in a particular industry.

We are also happy to provide you with a sample of our work. Send us a one-page document – you name the language – and we will email you the translated document in the target language.

Bilingual Resources Group, Inc. always provides free quotes within 24 hours. Call us at 504-253-0364 for more details or contact us through our website at


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