Posted by: sbilingual | March 16, 2010

You Can! Who says you can’t reduce accident rates and retain productive employees by communicating with them in their own language?

You can!

And now – more than ever – is the right time to take advantage of the FREE Spanish courses offered for those in the healthcare, legal, human resources, and construction professions.

Bilingual Resources Group, Inc. offers customized onsite “Survival” Language Training in the Workplace: Spanish & ESL. All classes and seminars are offered onsite at your company for all industries. We offer a “Grammar-Less” approach, giving you enough to help close the communication gap.

Bilingual Resources Group, Inc. also teaches a very functional workplace English to those employees with limited English proficiency. Classes & seminars are always taught on-site at the company.

Here’s What We Offer:

  • A functional language that can be used immediately.
  • Industry, company, and job-specific materials.
  • On-site company training at your convenience, offered 7 days a week!
  • A fun classroom environment, not a grammar lesson!
  • An increase in cost-effectiveness, productivity & retention, with improved understanding between supervisors and workers.
  • An awareness of cultural behaviors unique to your company.
  • Customized materials and resources that enable participants to continue learning outside of the classroom.

Bilingual Resources Group, Inc. bridges the communication gap through basic Spanish phrases and commands designed to meet your company’s specific needs.

For more information about written translations, bilingual training products, ESL or Survival Spanish training, please call Bilingual Resources Group, Inc. at 504-253-0364 or email us at

With such services offered to you free of charge , how can you afford to say no? It’s the Super Bowl of opportunity! And from one Who-Dat to another, I guarantee it’s a game you can win.

Until next time!


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