Posted by: sbilingual | March 18, 2010

Census Bureau & Louisiana Latino Population

According to the U.S. Federal Census Bureau, America will soon discover differences between Culture, Ethnicity, Race and Nationality on the 2010 Census, thanks to efforts by Louisiana’s Latin Populations across the nation who will write-in “Louisiana Spanish, Creole & Cajun” in the boxes of question number 8 of the short-form.

The 2010 American census officially began arriving at homes across the nation. Thanks to the newly added question number eight (8) of the census, Americans can specify their cultural (ethnic) roots, distinct from race, which is question nine (9).

The Latino population is the largest minority group in America, comprising 15.1 percent of the
total population. Based on recent Census Bureau projections, (Population Projections, July 1, 2010 to July 1, 2050), approximately 30.2 percent of the population, or 132.8 million people, will be Hispanic by the year 2050. That means that one in three people will be Hispanic. Accurate census data allow state and local governments to make important decisions that affect Latinos, such as where to establish English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, the amount of funding allocated for Title 1 programs, and health services to screen
for ailments such as diabetes and hypertension.

Important Topics:

Healthcare. We will need more bilingual/multilingual (Spanish) personnel working in the healthcare field in our communities across the nation. Ignoring patients speaking in Spanish is no longer a legal option.

Economy. Diversification and globalization of Latin Louisiana markets remains the most promising and underestimated source of economic boost for Latin Louisiana’s communities. Latin Louisiana’s heritage as a multilingual sub-region of the U.S. positions Louisiana as a potential North American leader in Global Economy, which can offer more jobs in Economics, Trade, Commission, International Business, International Law, Entrepreneurship, Education, Travel and Hospitality Services, Medicine and so on.

For more information on Louisiana Latino population statistics visit

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