Posted by: sbilingual | September 19, 2010

A breakdown of Latin American Twitter users

Latin America is now the fastest growing Twitter population in the world. We found a tech blog that breaks down the trend and gives us more data about who the users are.

Although based on a relatively small sample pool, we now have a better idea of which Latin American countries use Twitter the most. Amazingly, of the 93 million Twitter users around the world, 15 million are Latin American! Just in the past year, the Latin American Twitter population grew 305%.

Some other fun facts:

» Brazil (20.5%) and Venezuela (19%) are in the second and third place respectively in terms of Twitter users, after Indonesia.
» The Asian region ranked second with a growth of 243%
» The portrait of a typical user of twitter is: male (75%), between 21 and 30 years (56%), blogger (83%), linked to the world of Internet and new technologies (72%), using the tool because of professional interests (52%).
What does all this new social media technology mean for worldwide communication? We’re only beginning to find out. As one corporate communication strategist states, “Even many who now use Twitter did not understand it until they started to follow people with similar interests, participate in discussions and feel the value of such contacts. Twitter is one of those applications that rather than we try to explain, are understood only by the experience.”


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