Posted by: sbilingual | November 24, 2010



“Canarians of the Mississippi The Canary Islanders In Louisiana” is the lastest work by Manuel Mora Morales, for his unfinished series “La Ruta del Gofio: History of the Canarian Immigration.”

The documentary was filmed around the marshes of the Mississippi river in Louisiana, USA in 2005 and 2006. It tells the story of the Canarian Islanders who immigrated to Louisiana in the 18th century in order to establish colonies and to defend Spanish territories from the British and French forces in the area.

“Canarians of the Mississippi” is produced by Amazonas Films and is being released in Spanish and English versions. To this day there are descendants of the first Canarian immigrants, known as “islenos,” that continue speaking the Castilian language with the same accent as their ancestors.

During the last 200 years the islanders have been subject to perhaps the most unusual story of the Canarian Migration; while it is full of unusual tales and events the story of the islanders is the least known inside and outside the archipelago.

Mention could be made of their important contributions to the American War of Independence, the islander battalions under General Lee and their presence in the American congress, as well as other numerous political figures whom have influenced politics in the United States government.



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