Posted by: sbilingual | October 17, 2011

The 10 Questions You Should Ask Any Language Service Provider

Before you enter into a relationship, do your homework.

Find out whom you’re dealing with, and make an informed decision.

Ask questions, and keep asking them, until you’re completely satisfied with the answers you get. Here are ten basic questions to help get you started.

1 Interpreter Staffing

How do you recruit, train, monitor the performance of your interpreters and are they your employees or independent contractors?

2 Interpreter Quality

What methods do you use to recruit your interpreters, confirm their experience, evaluate their character, run background checks, assess their legal work status, implement their training, and monitor their performance?

3 Trained Professional Interpreters

How do you train interpreters specifically in legal, financial, and medical terminology or for emergency response calls to ensure service quality, and how do you certify these interpreters?

4 Privacy

What measures do you have in place to ensure data security, customer privacy, and protection of private patient information?

5 Compliance

What requirements and safeguards does your organization employ to establish and maintain full compliance with regulations such as SOX, GLB, and HIPPA?

6 Call Efficiency

What is your average connect time to reach an interpreter, what is your call

completion rate on the first attempt, and can you validate your numbers?

7 Call Control

Can you maintain the kind of call control necessary to guarantee call quality, data

security, and interpreter accountability? Do you subcontract or outsource calls for

specific languages to a third-party provider?

8 Technology Infrastructure

Do you own and operate your own telephony systems and

infrastructure, describe them in detail?

9 Business Continuity

How does your technology enable you to scale services for surges in demand,

ensure complete redundancy and recovery during unanticipated service

disruptions? How quickly can you do this?

10 Risk Management

What kind of business insurance coverage do you have to protect against

error and omissions, bodily injury, property damage, and theft or disclosure of

confidential information? Does your policy provide true worldwide coverage?


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