Posted by: sbilingual | February 7, 2012

Simultaneous vs. Consecutive Interpretation

What is simultaneous interpretation? The speaker’s voice is interpreted at the same time he or she is speaking, with minimal delay. Simultaneous interpretation requires specialized equipment and engineers for installation and monitoring. Delegates listen to the language of their choice using headsets connected to multi-channel wireless receivers. Teams of highly trained multilingual interpreters work in soundproof booths. Simultaneous interpretation is most commonly used for large meetings and multilingual events.

What are the advantages of simultaneous interpretation? * No interruptions–a smooth, uninterrupted interpretation retains the effectiveness, flow, and mood of the speaker’s presentation.

* Most efficient use of time–the meeting schedule is not affected since no additional time is required for the interpretation.

* Ideal in large meetings when only a small number of attendees do not speak English–the interpretation is heard only by those who choose to listen.

* Essential when multiple languages will be spoken at the same meeting.

What is consecutive interpretation? The speaker pauses after every two or three sentences to allow time for the interpreter to render the speaker’s remarks into the other language. The interpreter becomes a more integral member of the meeting since he or she is always in close proximity to the meeting participants. Consecutive interpretation is commonly used for tours, informal meetings, guidance through trade show exhibits, business negotiations, or receptions.

What are the advantages of consecutive interpretation? * More cost-effective–fewer interpreters and no equipment or technical personnel are required.

* Allows participants to absorb ideas and listen to the proceedings in both languages if they desire.

* Most effective in sensitive business negotiations–participants have a chance to reflect on what is being said.

* Essential when more than two languages will be spoken at the same meeting
We provide complete on-site simultaneous interpretation services for conferences, meetings & events of all sizes anywhere in the world. Our goal is to break down language barriers – inconspicuously and seamlessly – while providing the very best service in the industry. We believe in always striving for perfect, broadcast level sound quality, in using cutting-edge technology, in recruiting the best people in the business to be part of our team, and continually perfecting our resourcefulness and ability to respond to the needs of the client.

Our conference services include:

Equipment Services

Technical Staff

Transmission Equipment

Sound Isolation Booths

Interpreter Stations and Control Consoles

Microphones and Sound Services

Recording Services

Bilingual Resources Group, Inc.
Tel: (504) 253-0364
Toll Free: (877) 608-4594
Fax: (504) 910-8499

Our top priority is providing you excellent service.  Feedback regarding our service is always appreciated.


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