Posted by: sbilingual | February 15, 2012

Language Translation at a All Time High

According to a PR firm in Canada, the need for language translators and language interpreters is at an all time high. Many international companies are in need of not only document translation and localization but also in-person interpretation. Some turn to recruitment agencies that have a slew of language interpreters and translators ready for short notice assignments. They can provide part time and/or full time language specialists. These agencies claim they their language translation services and interpreter services are of a high quality because they have a very stringent vetting process.

This is a claim that should be tested, quite frankly, tested with whatever type of translation service company you choose. These recruitment agencies are not focused on the actual language industry but instead are focused on filling a personnel need. This may work for some quick needs even like Google translate works for a quick language translation. However, if accuracy is important for your interpreting service need, then contact an actual language services company, like Bilingual Resources Group, Inc. Bilingual Resources Group, Inc. provides translation services and in-person/phone interpreting services including American Sign Language. Bilingual Resources Group, Inc. understands the nuances of this industry including matching dialect and cultural competency. Contact Bilingual Resources Group, Inc. today and learn more about the quality of our language interpreter services and how they will meet your timeframe, budget, and expectations.

Bilingual Resources Group, Inc.
Tel: (504) 253-0364
Toll Free: (877) 608-4594
Fax: (504) 910-8499

Our top priority is providing you excellent service.  Feedback regarding our service is always appreciated.


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