Posted by: sbilingual | February 24, 2012

Specialized Translation Agencies

Years ago we used to see that translation agencies in various countries of the world would only work with a few language pairs, three or four at most. They worked with only one translation program and its staff was made up of only local translators.

world 1

Today the need to satisfy clients and the clients’ growing needs for in the world market has influenced agencies that are looking to stay at the top and grow to become increasingly specialized.

These agencies now work with an endless number of language pairs, their staffs are not just local, but exist in several countries to provide the easiest and most efficient service to guarantee utmost accuracy in translations.

The agencies also have several translation programs and tools, specialized systemsand software, and offer services that go beyond mere translation to include graphic design, localization, and the translation of text, audio, and websites. The employees themselves are now translators specialized in different fields, graphic designers,web designers, and marketing and sales employees.

world 2

The ultimate purpose is to try to cover and supply all of the client’s needs, as much as possible, so that they match up well with the internationally competitive market.

To find out how Bilingual Resources Group can support your interpretation, translation and bilingual staffing needs, please call 504-253-0364 or visit


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