Posted by: sbilingual | February 27, 2012

Interpretation is more important yet than translation

When somebody translates for you, you must trust that what you are trying to communicate has if not exactly, the closest meaning of what you had meant.   In order to translate correctly, the person doing the job must have good common sense and better yet minimum knowledge of the theme he or she is translating.  For example, translating a questionnaire can become a complete failure if the meaning of any question has a different objective from what was originally planned for.   One good example is as follows:  What candidate do you support for his role in the improvement of the education system at elementary level?   The question is very objective, in spanish the translation would be:  Que candidato apoya usted por su participacion en el mejoramiento del sistema educativo a nivel de escuela primaria?   If written without interpretation, the question would be like this:  Que candidato apoya usted por su involucramiento en el mejoramiento del sistema educativo a nivel elemental?   Here, the translator did his job using a literal translation, without using the correct interpretation for the question.  When the question is asked, people will most likely not understand the question because it looses its meaning. I invite you to find translators that use good interpretation to maximize the outcome of your translation when hiring our services.

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