Posted by: sbilingual | June 18, 2012

Simultaneous Interpreters

It doesn’t matter how entertaining your keynote speaker is, or how accurate your scientific presentations are, if you don’t have a great team of simultaneous interpreters, your overseas guests won’t understand a word.

Our simultaneous interpreters are carefully selected to have the specialized knowledge needed for each event. We seek out interpreters who are not only familiar with your audience’s dialect, but also who understand the subject being interpreted.

Conference interpreting requires a lot more than just being bilingual. Our simultaneous interpreters are professional – they interpret regularly at conferences. The skills involved are different from interpreting in a courtroom or doctor’s office because of the rapid-fire pace.  An excellent written translator may make a poor interpreter because the skills are very different.

Professional interpreters work in teams of two (or occasionally, three). This is because the process of simultaneous interpreting is so concentration-intensive, they have to take frequent breaks. Most team members work about ten minutes on, ten minutes off.

To find out how Bilingual Resources Group can support your interpretation, translation and bilingual staffing needs, please call 504-253-0364 or visit


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