Posted by: sbilingual | August 7, 2012

Bilingual Resources Group: Service Features

August marks Bilingual Resources Group’s service awareness features.

We will begin sharing what we do best and highlighting services that we feature here at Bilingual Resources Group.

Since we are beginning classes in the Fall, we would like to share some of our success stories over the next few weeks and highlight key elements from one of the many great things we have going on here at BRG.

Customized Course Language:

When taking a class with BRG, we make sure you have a customized learning experience that will specifically cater to your industry and highlight key elements related to conversation/situations you are most commonly in.

At BRG, we are here to optimize your performance and have you walk away with the important stuff, not all the fluff!

Printed Materials:

No one wants to deal with being responsible to bring materials to class! We provide printed materials for you that you can bring home, bring with you while traveling, and of course to keep at work in order to assist you in conversational pieces.

Relaxed Environment:

Bilingual Resources Group wants you to feel at home, comfortable, and ready to listen and learn. Our incredibly experienced instructors have a real knack for dedicating individual attention while addressing the entire class. Not everyone learns the same way, and BRG is here to make sure everyone is walking away with the same conversational understanding.

Keep on the lookout for our next post that will highlight great stories from the people that have taken our classes!

Thanks again!


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