Posted by: sbilingual | August 9, 2012

Stories From Our Class!

As we make our way through Bilingual Resources Group’s service features, we will begin to highlight great stories from those that have taken our classes.

We have had such a great response over the years regarding the classes that we offer here at BRG, and always have a great time meeting a lot of good people willing to benefit from the hurdles that different languages present.

We always like to follow up months down the line to hear how people have been doing with their new language skills, so we would like to spend today sharing a great story from Stacy, a member of New Orleans’ AIDS Law Organization.

We had an excellent group of individuals from the AIDS Law Organization, a company with the mission to provide excellent, specialized legal services for people living with HIV/AIDS in Louisiana, to improve their quality of life and access to health care, related to their HIV/AIDS status.

Spanish was the focus for the class, and we were really excited to present great situations catered to their industry where they would need to be conversational.

This class was really eager to learn situations and key sentences they could use when they needed to speak Spanish. We got really creative and put ourselves in situations where you have no options, but to try and speak Spanish to the individual.

This class was truly a pleasure to teach!

Lindsay, a student in this class, provided us a great situation where she ended up needing to speak to a client in Spanish.

Hear from Lindsay:

“A few months after the classes we took through BRG, I found myself in a great situation where I needed to speak with a client in Spanish. At first I was nervous because I had not been forced to speak in Spanish since the classes we took, but after a few words I got the hang of it and remembered what I needed to do and what I needed to say. I needed to tell the client some basic stuff about our business and what to do next, he definitely understood and we moved along quickly to the next process. I kept my handbook that was provided by BRG at my desk just in case, and felt comfortable using it and my memory in conversation. I am really glad I took those classes!”

Check out our next post this Tuesday!



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