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Sign Language Interpreting for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Issues and Challenges of Interpreting

Sign language interpreters are essential to making things accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people. Even if modern technology is available, there are still situations (for example, a wedding) in which an interpreter may be preferred.

Those interested in becoming interpreters must take professional training and pass rigid tests to become certified. The profession can be a gratifying one, as well as a wise career choice; there is a shortage of interpreters amongst the deaf community.

Becoming an Interpreter

How to Become an Interpreter
Learn where you can go for training and what’s involved with certification. Also become familiar withinterpreter salaries.

How Do I Find a Job as an Interpeter?
Sign language and interpreting students frequently ask me how they can find employment as interpreters. Here’s my advice.

National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers
The NCIEC is focused on improving the quality of interpreter education. also interviewedthe directors of the NCIEC.

Video Relay Interpreting vs. Community-Based Interpreting
Sign language interpreters are in high demand for both video relay service interpreting and community-based interpreting. Interpreters discuss why they chose to work in one environment or the other.

Being an Interpreter

Church Interpreting
Churches can’t always get professional interpreters. Read what Deafness Forum members have to say about interpreting in church.

Church Interpreters: Volunteer or Paid?
Should churches pay church interpreters? That was the topic of a brief, but stimulating discussion on the Forum.

Deaf Interpreters
Interpreters are not always hearing. They can be deaf, too. When an interpreting situation presents unique challenges, a deaf interpreter may be needed.

Job Hazard: Interpreters and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Some interpreters are forced to retire because they develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

Interpreting Issues

Challenges Faced by Educational Interpreters
Are you an educational interpreter? Or does your child have one?

Demand for Interpreters
Don’t wait until the last minute to request a sign language interpreter.

Interpreter Fights
School districts with tight budgets may shortchange deaf/HOH students on interpreting services. That’s exactly what happened to this parent.

Parental Point of View on Qualified Interpreters
Guest authored article by a parent on the issue of qualified educational interpreters.

Unqualified Interpreters
The problem of unskilled interpreters, especially in the classroom.

Hiring an Interpreter

How Do I Find a Christian/Jewish/Muslim Interpreter?
If you attend a church, synagogue, or mosque, you may have wondered how to find an interpreter who is familiar with your faith and can best translate its concepts into sign language. This short FAQ page attempts to answer that question.

How To Find an Interpreter
Suggestions on ways to find and hire an interpreter when needed.

Interpreter Directories and Referral Agencies
Finding an interpreter to hire can be challenging. Here is a list of interpreting directories and sources for lists of interpreting service agencies.

Interpreting Organizations

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Interpreters are a part of the fabric of the deaf community, and they have their own professional organization.

World Association of Sign Language Interpreters
Profile of the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI). Also read about anIndian association of sign language interpreters.

Interpreting Resources

Interpeting Books
Books about interpreting recommended by interpreters themselves.

More About Interpreters

Gifts for Sign Language Interpreters
Do you have a sign language interpreter where you work? At your child’s school? If you would like to show your appreciation to a sign language interpreter, there are plenty of inexpensive gifts to choose from.

Sign Language Interpreters for Deaf Clients
A deaf professional in Canada submitted an academic paper for publication on The paper addresses sign language interpreters (history, roles, responsibilities, and relationships). Although the focus is on Canada, much of what is written rings true for interpreters anywhere in the world. I was impressed by the case studies cited.

Video Remote Interpreting
Learn about video remote interpreting, what it is, and how it works. Examples of companies offering video remote interpreting services are included.

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