Posted by: sbilingual | October 29, 2012

Bilingual Resources Group Partners w/ World Trade Center

Bilingual Resources Group Announces Integral Partnership With New Orleans World Trade Center:
Increasing demand for translation services provides Bilingual Resources Group new expanding partnerships.

NEW ORLEANS, LA – August 21st, 2012 – Bilingual Resources Group is gearing up for yet another successful partnership in 2012. The New Orleans World Trade Center partnership with Bilingual Resources Group will provide language-training services for board members. With training beginning September 24th, Bilingual Resources Group is excited to begin its world-class language services.

The New Orleans area is in high demand for interpretation and language services. As this demand continues to rise, Bilingual Resources Group’s years of trusted translation and interpretation services consistently provides excellence with each and every partnership.

“The New Orleans World Trade Center partnership is a really exciting opportunity for us. We can’t wait to start educating and providing our language knowledge.” –Sandra Olmedo – President of Bilingual Resources Group.

Bilingual Resources Group provides a very unique approach to language training classes. Each class is catered to a specific industry. Materials, subjects, and conversations are arranged to maximize the understanding and language demands a company needs.

At Bilingual Resources Group, world-class language services are provided anytime, anywhere, and in any language. Stay informed with interesting language facts, New Orleans cultural material and all things BRG at

Michael Glader


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