Posted by: sbilingual | December 10, 2012

Monterey Institute of International Studies to add a specialization in English-Spanish court interpreting

The Monterey Institute of International Studies, which is known for its programs and degrees in translation and interpreting – especially conference interpreting – is preparing to offer a specialization in court interpreting for the English-Spanish language pair. Although Monterey has offered court interpreting and legal translation as part of its regular curriculum for many years, it has never had a specialization in court interpreting. It appears that this is about to change and beginning next year students will have the option of a specialization in court interpreting as part of their M.A. degree.

The specialization will require four courses specifically focusing on court interpreting, in combination with the general translation and interpreting classes. And while Monterey has not publicized this specialization yet, it is piloting it with current students and new students are being advised of this option as soon as they register. The plan appears to be that once the “kinks” of integrating this new specialization into the existing curriculum have been worked out, Monterey will publicize it on its website. However, anybody interested in this specialization may send their inquiries by email directly to the Institute.

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